Antique Furniture and Art Restoration

It’s extremely important to have your antique furniture and art restoration restored properly!

If not, you run the risk of forever devaluing the piece! Antique furniture and art restoration should be performed by a professional skilled in this area.

Antique Furniture and Art Restoration



… I cannot tell you this enough!  – whether it’s a wonderful oil painting or a piece of heirloom furniture.

This could mean everything to it’s accessed value – do it right!



If you happen to own a truly valuable and rare antique, please DO NOT try to refinish or restore it yourself.  As a matter of fact, collectors generally like their antiques in a “raw” state.  In other words – not cleaned or tampered with at all!
We will be adding a lot of information having to do with the cleaning & restoring of all kinds of other antiques, art, and vintage collectibles  as we go along.  These will benefit the do-it-yourselfers who would like to learn how to properly care for their older pieces, or use them in a modern setting with a flair of “vintage”.  If you have an antique piece that isn’t worthy of a place in the Antiques Road Show, my belief is to go ahead and  and work on it yourself.   Do take care to perform whatever steps properly, but don’t hesitate to give it a shot yourself.  It’s fun and very rewarding.

For now, you will find listed below local craftsmen who have been know throughout the area for their skill and expertise in restoration.




John Monroe
Depot Street, Dennis Port, MA
(508) 394-8993

Benjamin Heywood Antiques
701 West Falmouth Highway, Falmouth, MA
(508) 548-2972

Bird’s Furniture Restoration Center
402 Gifford Street, Falmouth, MA
(508) 548-5370

Cape Cod Furniture Restoration
2235 Cranberry Highway
West Wareham, MA 02576
(508) 295-8122

Guilford Furniture Restoration
35 Breakdown Ln, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
(508) 693-4031




Cape Cod Picture Framing & Restoration
780 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638
(508) 385-5482

Art Conservation Services, Inc.
30 Ipswich Street
Boston, MA 02215

Ian Primrose
West Falmouth, MA

Barrett M. Keating Conservators
(508) 563-7876
228 Old Main Road, North Falmouth, MA 02556


And remember:
… antique furniture and art restoration is something that should be performed by an expert in the field if it is something that holds great value.


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