Lower Cape Art Galleries

Art Galleries in the towns of

Brewster, Harwich, Chatham and Orleans

Artist Painting


Oil paintings, watercolor and every medium in between …

Cape Cod has more artistic talent than you could possibly imagine!




Lower Cape Art Galleries

Aries East Gallery2805 Route 6ABrewster(508) 896-7681
Art House Gallery38 Thad Ellis RoadBrewster(508) 896-5557
Labrecque Collectibles2623 Main StreetBrewster(508) 896-6257
Sola Gallery1069 Main StreetBrewster(508) 896-1882
Stringe Gallery Art & Antiques2896 Main StreetBrewster(508) 896-5946
Struna Galleries3873 Main StreetBrewster(508) 896-1882
Teichman Gallery6 Sachem DriveBrewster(508) 896-2395
Underground Art Gallery673 Satucket RoadBrewster(508) 896-3757
Artful Hand Gallery 459 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-5681
Bartholomew Gallery511 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-3111
Blue Water Fish Rubbings505 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-7616
Chatham Art Gallery464 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-4699
Diane Eckstein645 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-5075
Framer's Framer25 Post Office RoadChatham(508) 945-1848
Isaac Bea Young 1840 House Gallery727 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-9427
Kennedy Studios579 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-4711
Kingsley Gallery499 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-6035
Munson Gallery880 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-2888
Nancy Cole Studio1842 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-9851
Odell Art Studio & Gallery423 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-3239
Struna Galleries458 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-5713
The Drawing Board37 Kent PlaceChatham(508) 945-3548
The Hearle Gallery488 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-2406
Wynne/Falconer Gallery492 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-2867
Yankee Ingenuity525 Main StreetChatham(508) 945-1288
Artship 937 Route 28 Harwich(508) 394-1789
Bradford TrustHarwich(508) 430-1482
Kingsley Garden Gallery1012 Route 28Harwich(508) 430-7900
White Pond Farm Studio6 Lynch LaneHarwich(508) 430-1397
Port Framing Gallery544B Main StreetHarwich Port(508) 430-8008
Private Collection Gallery & Frame Shop515 Main Street - Rt 28Harwich Port(508) 430-0303
W. H. Lutz Art Studio & Gallery543 Main StreetHarwich Port(508) 430-8387
Addison Art Gallery43 South Orleans Rd - Rt 28Orleans(508) 255-6200
Evangelista Ceramics99 South Orleans RdOrleans(508) 240-2172
Framing Gallery57 Route 6AOrleans(508) 255-1187
Hogan Art Gallery39 Main StreetOrleans(508) 240-3655
Kely Knowles Rock Harbor Gallery104 Rock Harbor RoadOrleans(508) 255-3747
Old Peacock Alley35B South Orleans RoadOrleans(508) 255-6866
Rowley Gallery76 Route 6AOrleans(508) 255-3690
Star Gallery76 Route 6AOrleans(508) 240-7827
Stringe GalleryOrleans(508) 255-9404
The Gallery At 31 Main31 Main StreetOrleans(508) 247-9469
Tree's PlaceRoute 6A at 28Orleans(508) 255-1330
Diamond Antique Paintings103 Main StreetWest Harwich(508) 432-0634


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